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Guangzhou Xin Hui manual processing outward proces
Keywords: Hui Xin hand outward,,
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Update Date: 2010-4-30 5:46:03
Model: Trading
Name: Ms.
Phone: 086-020-35972751
Fax: 086-020-85879584
Mobile: 13650864193
Post Code: 510600
Guangzhou Xin Hui handmade arts and crafts projects outward processing trade co-product processing 29.1. Made the processing of many large enterprises to adopt advanced production modes, can be minimized production management, space and equipment purchase, maintenance, depreciation and other expenses, reduce the unit product production costs, improve production cycle, expanding production capacity, achieve mutual benefit and create win-win situation; particularly suitable for high wage costs, high cost of living, venue rental companies with high adoption, more suitable for most of our surplus labor is abundant and relatively less developed economy regional long-term cooperation and common development. In response to the call of the party''s congress to push forward the pace of building new socialist countryside, I would like to plant and lead the entrepreneurs to get rich, small investment, no risk of manual labor to outward processing, more entrepreneurs are a pillar of economic development industry.
2. Handiwork from outward processing plants, seasonal restrictions, no complicated procedures and equipment investment, and not culture, age and occupation of; products to worry about sales, free onsite service turnkey factory recovery, so do not worry you make money from home .
I plant mainly outgoing products: electrical and electronic assembly, hand-woven series, stationery, pens assembled, three-dimensional cross-stitch embroidery, hardware, energy-saving lamp series, the timer assembly
Investment activities of the enterprises is not the same as the so-called annual investment, it is not anyone anywhere
I plant to provide reception, visit to discuss cooperation. Sincerely hope that you seize opportunities and cooperate sincerely,
A better future. Phone: Zero 二零 3,597,275,135,972,753
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