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Shenzhen to Lanzhou logistics | Logistics in Shenz
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Update Date: 2010-4-23 19:54:53
Transport Service Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Spring
Model: Production
Name: TamMr.
Phone: 086-0755-89812646
Fax: 086-0755-82438835
Mobile: 13922834976
Address: Luohu District, Tin Sam Tsuen
Post Code: 518000
Shenzhen to Lanzhou logistics | logistics line 0755-89812646 Shenzhen to Lanzhou, Shenzhen City Transport Services Limited strength of spring green cargo, worth customers! Daily departure arrival ,2-3 days delivery, security, speed, cargo insurance agent; tariffs : 0.8 yuan / kg 120 yuan / cubic (Vehicle Price: Negotiable), big ticket goods price; vehicle LTL can be made, the Department owned fleet, the grid every day, perfect service network, the entire cargo tracking and tracing, with the transport process can learn the location of the goods, and cargo agent Pacific Insurance, you is zero risk cargo transport, security, fast, full worry-free, on-time arrival.
Transport Service Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Freight spring pledges: All carriage of goods covered by the Pacific, substituting for the company, person responsible for valuable goods, escort, home care, to safety first, technology, equipment, first, the charges are reasonable for the purpose. welcome to inquire or negotiate freight business; my company will be the most flat prices in Shenzhen, quality service, simple procedures for complete and flexible method of settlement, 24 hours for you!
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